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Auto-translate Your Videos Effortlessly

Quadruple Your Audience, Without Lifting a Finger

Expand your videos globally with ContentDub. Our AI-driven platform dubs your videos into multiple languages, boosting your reach and revenue.

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Multiple languages supported

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Increase your revenue

Auto Translation Example

Experience the magic of automated dubbing firsthand.  Click through the examples below and hear the difference for yourself.

MKBHD Example Videos

MKBHD Example Videos
MKBHD - Example Video

MKBHD - Example Video

Play Video
MKBHD - Spanish

MKBHD - Spanish

Play Video
MKBHD - German

MKBHD - German

Play Video

Achieve Global Youtube Success Like a 10M+ Subscriber Channels

Big YouTubers, like MrBeast, invest heavily in dubbing to maximize their reach. Previously, the high costs kept smaller creators on the sidelines.

Not anymore! ContentDub transforms your videos with natural-sounding dubs in multiple languages — at a fraction of the traditional cost. Ready to expand your horizons?


How to Translate Videos into Other Languages

Dub & Translate Yourself

Easily upload a video or share a YouTube link. Choose languages and tweak settings. Our state-of-the-art algorithm crafts your dubbed masterpiece. Simply review, tweak if needed, and download.

Full-Service Management

Alternatively, for a truly hands-off approach, let us manage your non-English channels, ensuring optimal reach and engagement.

Four Steps to Dub Your Videos

upload a video to translate

Upload Video (or Paste YT Link)

Drag and drop your video or simply paste the YouTube link.

select language to translate your video into

Choose Language & Style

Use the default translation or adjust the settings: Language, Audio Tracks, Background Sounds, Transcripts, etc. 

 select video translation Options

Review & Adjust

Review the video. Adjust settings if necessary and download the video or audio files.

upload your translated youtube video

Publish & Thrive

Publish your auto-dubbed on your YouTube channel.

E.g., "[YourChannel] en Español"

Why Other Creators Translate Their Videos

"Our content is now more accessible than ever. The process was a breeze."

Jake, E-Commerce Content Creator

"ContentDub let me inspire people in over 10 new countries, increasing my revenue by 100%. It helped me grow my audience on youtube significantly!"

Mike, Fitness Influencer

"ContentDub expanded my community beyond English speakers, tripling my subscriber base and significantly boosting my revenue. It's a game-changer!"

Victoria, Makeup & Beauty Content Creator

Flexible Pricing Options

Try us out for free and be convinced

We work with creators with 30k subscribers and with +5M subscribers. We offer flexible pricing options that fit your budget.

Our goal is simple: Help you make more money.


  • Try us for free

  • Designed to fit everyone's budget

  • Make more money with additional revenue than you pay for the service

  • Potential to make thousands in ongoing additional ad revenue and subscriber growth

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